Common sense and courtesy are paramount to the enjoyment of the Band by all !! 


  1. Arrive in time to be ready to play at 7:00 p.m.
  2. Give attention and respect to the Conductor at all times.
  3. No cell phone usage (texting or playing games) except during break time.
  4. No chatter or idle talk (including during any rests you may have on your part).
  5. No remarks made aloud or counting out loud.
  6. Always have a pencil at every rehearsal and use it when the Conductor provides as instruction.
  7. No playing of instruments during break time (break time IS the time to talk and socialize).
  8. Make every effort to ensure your music is at rehearsal even if you are not.
  9. Be a responsible "guest" at Edgewood:  only water in sealed containers is allowed; no spit stains on the carpet; help put stands and chairs away before you leave.
  10. Practice and strive to improve your musicianship!